I have always been the person who will notice your new hair do, hair colour, new eye shadow etc., which is why I would never let you leave my salon with one lash askew!

My attention to detail and desire for perfection has led to me trialing a vast array of lash products on the market today.

The fact that I have personally researched and tested each and every one means that I can tell you with absolute confidence that there is nothing more luxurious than this eyelash treatment and the products I use.

Mink lashes (although synthetic as I think it is unethical to use some poor animal’s coat in the name of beauty, Kim Kardashian) create a very natural look and feel.

This is why I followed up my original training 7 years ago in individual Classic lashes with the Advanced Russian Volume Lash Xd course.

This treatment sets the standard for excellence in the industry. I was trained by the Elite Darling Beauty School and am a fully accredited member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists.

I only specialise in this treatment so that I can give the best pre-care and after-care advice to you.

The level of precision required to apply them is second to none and I am highly trained and experienced in isolating the right lash without any damage to your natural lash cycle.

During my free consultation and thorough patch test we determine together the length and look dependent on your own natural lashes.

I can pretty much guarantee you will also fall asleep as it is so relaxing and wake up with a wonderful new outlook!